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Silver Origami Rabbit Moon Necklace

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Representing life elements

Silver Pentagram Bracelet

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I like crafting jewellery, as well as

Crafting My Own Life

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Green Rivor Jewellery

Bored with jewellery that look too perfectly measured, too regular, too...normal? I-AM-TOO! 

That's why I make jewellery for myself, and for people who appreciate organic shape gemstones and pearls. The raw and unpolished stones that show the original life force of earth; the one of its kind and interesting baroque and keshi pearls that you cannot find another identical one...Nothing is more seductive than one's authentic self. 

Jewellery should be an extension of your character. Because you're gonna put it on your body and tell people this is your selection, it should be SO YOU! 

But my top of the list reason that I make jewellery, is to show you that you are like baroque pearl and raw gemstone - one of its kind in the world and there is no another identical you, and you have all the potential to become what you polish yourself. You bring to the world only what you can bring, and that's what make the world wonderful. I use jewellery to reach you for this message. 

Because my work is inspired by nature so much, and I am a life lover, my website will also include my message about life and nature. We are the extension of nature, and I hope my message can do good to Mother Earth too. 

Thank you and wish you a wonderful discovery here! 

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