Allow Yourself to Shine

There's a message I really want to share with you. You know when my income completely comes from my handmade jewellery business, sometimes it can be quite scary when the sales aren't that good. During those low times, I would go to those job hunting sites to see if I should find a full time job again.  

Headache! It drained me by just seeing those job descriptions, let alone taking it as my FULL TIME job. 

It's not about my qualification or experience. I know I can find a job if I wanted to. But I had already used about 10 years to prove to myself that being an employee isn't the best for me, why should I use my next 30 years to do it again?   

I have only one body, one mind, and one day every day. If I do something I don't like, I would kill the opportunity to do something I like. Because I am the one who says yes or no to any decision for myself, I need to allow myself to shine, by doing what I'm good at - by being what I'm born to be - and this should be our full time job. Full time seriously, 24-7!  

You, the one who's still reading, are you allowing yourself to shine, by doing what you are born to do? It doesn't mean you have to quit your job right now (I know it's tempting!), but at the very least, have you allowed yourself to make choices that are best for your nature? 


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