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Hey do you know I was surviving on the last paycheck I had from my full time job in September?

You know how's it like when you only have your last paycheck from your full time job to sustain yourself, your family and your new business? You don't want to give up your dream but the reality has never been patient with you.This was how I feel from head to toe last month. Green Rivor hasn't been my full time job for years already. I worked full time in other companies until recent months, I was lucky enough to have a transitional job that allowed me to spend more time at Green Rivor. But suddenly my transitional job was gone.A chance to devote myself at GR completely again.It's been quite scary when you are holding onto the last paycheck to...

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Green Rivor x Central Night Market 24-25 Sept 2015

I haven’t exhibited in any markets for a long time already. Now I am so happy that we are going to see each other again this week! On this Thursday and Friday (24 & 25 Sept), I’ll have a booth at the Central Night Market, selling all the latest designs I recently posted on my website and Facebook. This is the first time I exhibit in this market, with the beautiful view at the water front, this place is full of wonders to me! Here’s the little detail of the event: Market Name: Central Night Market Date: 24 & 25 Sept (Thu- Fri) Time: 4pm – 9pm Venue: Central Ferry Pier No.7 Come see me after work ;-)

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Miracle Friday

I always care about how do I spend everyday. Especially after becoming entrepreneur, I enjoy every minute of creating my own path. If I see a week as a unit, then I'd love to review what I've tried, done, achieved, need to improve in this week ("Try" is the most important part of all). Even though I may not have achieved alot, but to see how I tried my best to make thing progress really boost me up.  Friday is important to me, it's like a summary day of a week. It prepares my mindset for next week too. Sharing with you this little note I made and let's move forward to our next wonderful step!

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Green Rivor's new website! I am so happy the website is finally launched today. Every word and picture are my blood and soul and I hope you will share my passion too! I have put a lot of time and effort to every detail of the website, though I cannot say it's perfect, but, THIS IS THE RIVOR'S PIECE OF WORK ;-DI will be sharing a lot of my ideas and inspirations here from now on and hopefully videos too! If you have not subscribed my newsletter yet, please do! You will find the subscription box at the bottom of every page in the website. I will send out my snack size letter to you through email about twice...

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